Why Forest Souls?

Brenna DeBartolo, the founder of Forest Souls' philosophy, is to keep your soul awakening by balancing your energy; to enjoy the majestic human journey to fulfill your destiny.  Souls that understand and respect nature need to be connected to them in order to create, grow, and balance. 

She is committed to: traveling through forest areas to study their beautiful depths and come away inspired to design her clothing line, to inspire the Forest Souls community by wearing her clothing line to feel refreshingly majestic, and to educate this generation and the next to show their appreciation to the forests for providing us life. Therefore: No Trees No Future.  

Forest Souls is currently partnering with American Forests!  Together, our partnership will work to protect and restore forest ecosystems across the U.S. and throughout the world.  Trees are planted globally for every Forest Soul item that Forest Souls customer has purchased.  In the long run, she plans to donate proceeds not only American Forests, but to other forest non-profit organizations as well.

Brenna is currently rooted in California and her goal is to continue exploring the forest areas, starting from West Coast to East Coast. At the same time, expanding the Forest Souls community to bring balance back to nature. So many trees to make new friends!

You have been invited to be part of Forest Souls' world, get connected with Brenna on Facebook & Instagram! @forestsoulsclothing

Forest Souls' motto is CREATE. GROW. BALANCE.